Surrogacy ‘Trend’ For Celebrities

Elton John did it.  So did Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker.  Ricky Martin did it ages ago, and Elizabeth Banks has just done it.  Even Robert De Niro did it – twice. As for Beyoncé, did she or didn’t she?

Funny that surrogacy has become such a ‘celebrity trend’ these days.  The attention celebrity surrogacy receives is, however, a double-edged sort for us ordinary folk who have surrogate babies. 

I do appreciate how the avid reporting of celebrity surrogacy stories is helping to normalise surrogacy.  I heard that after Elton John and his husband had their little boy, many more UK surrogates came forward to help childless couples whereas previously it was incredibly hard to find a British surrogate.  People now read about surrogacy, not in medical journals, but in OK and The Sun, and are slowly realising what gestational surrogacy is, and what motivates surrogate mothers.  Reporting is often sympathetic and altruistic, rather than purely sensationalistic, and so public opinion follows.

But there is also a flip side to the stories.  Those celebrities, all rich and skinny, who can help but imagine their motivation for doing surrogacy is a lack of desire to carry their own pregnancy and having the money to pay someone else to do it for them?  The ‘did she, didn’t she’ gossip about Beyoncé is farcical…a collapsing baby bump?  Really?

And for us regular people, I wonder what some folks must think of us, whether we might have had a choice but actually preferred surrogacy to having our babies in the conventional way.  I hope no-one would be that naive.  Those stars in the news are simply doing what they need to do to make their families whole, and like us must feel nothing but gratitude and wonder that surrogacy can make that possible.

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