Surrogacy Maternity Leave Tribunal

Definitely some winds of change taking place on surrogacy in the UK.  Finally someone has put their head above the parapet and demanded equal rights as a new mother to maternity leave.  A Newcastle Employment tribunal has referred the case to the European Court of Justice in order to consider whether a mother through surrogacy has a right to paid maternity leave to bond with her baby, establish breast-feeding and develop her family life.  The claimant feels that the law should encompass new mothers and not just gestational mothers, and given that she looked after the baby from an hour old and breast-fed for three months, many would think it was hard to disagree.

Becoming a parent through surrogacy often means overcoming prejudices and entrenched negativity of the ‘rent a womb’ variety.  There seems to be inbuilt discrimination which doesn’t exist in other areas, for example using donated sperm or eggs.  For those of us who do not have working wombs but want children, some of the laws in the UK (or lack of them) can feel like an extra slap in the face.  I certainly hope that parents through surrogacy are supported by defined and equal maternity and paternity leave as soon as possible.

There’s a petition you can sign on my previous post on maternity leave for mothers via surrogacy if you agree.

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