Surrogacy Maternity Leave Inequality

“If you and your husband, wife or partner are having a child through surrogacy you will not normally be eligible for statutory maternity or adoption leave. However you will be eligible for unpaid parental leave once you have got a parental order.” So says the DirectGov website advice on Maternity Leave.

Why?  There is clearly a level of discrimination taking place here.  Having a child, a baby, through whatever means…giving birth, adopting or with the help of a surrogate mother, should be considered equal upon the baby’s arrival and the family should be supported by Government policy. Continue reading “Surrogacy Maternity Leave Inequality” »

37 and living it


Becoming infertile at 29 years old, I worried that I’d never complete my family.  I felt very alienated from my peers, all seemingly pregnant one after another.  But here I am on my 37th birthday with the family I’ve always dreamed of.  It’s been a long road, but I feel back on track and immensely proud of us all.